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VBC's network of professional performers remotely interact with, entertain and captivate children to give parents a break.

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Virtual Babysitters Club was founded to simultaneously address two challenges arising from the tragic COVID-19 pandemic: help talented, out-of-work performing artists, and help parents find time to work from home and get things done around the house. Parents can monitor and see if their child has moved away

from the session via mobile device. Fun and engaging for kids and comfort

to busy working parents!


Your child can spend quality one-on-one time with VBC professional performer. These interactive, individual sessions are designed to tailor to your child's needs and interests. Choose from a variety of performers to find a perfect role model for your child.

Virtual Group


 Up to 5 children

Group Sessions are a unique way to engage kids from all over in a virtual setting with games, dancing, singing, trivia, magic, puppets shows and more. Private Group Sessions are available for those who wish to enjoy a group session with their personal friends.

Virtual Summer Camp

Up to 10 children

Come join us for summer full of fun at our new virtual summer camp at VBC!



Up to 15 children

Celebrate your birthday with award-winning magicians, jugglers, puppeteers, singers, dancers, comedians, reptile shows, and more! 


VBC Seniors

Virtual Babysitters Club wants everyone to join in on the fun! VBC Seniors will soon open a calendar to book our music, wellness, and community studios to seniors far and wide. If you are a nursing home, assisted living facility or independent living center that would like to learn more about how VBC Seniors can partner with you, please email for more information. 


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Think you have what it takes to be a Secret Agent? Test your spy skills with Virtual Babysitters Club's newest interactive game THE AGENCY, part of its upcoming games section BREAKOUT ADVENTURES. Choose your own path, solve puzzles, obtain personalized code names, interrogate criminal masterminds; all while trying to take down the world's most diabolical villain and save the world. THE AGENCY is a fun interactive way to hang out and work together with friends while putting your brains to the ultimate test.​

This message will self destruct in 5...4...3...2...1...


“Meet” native and exotic reptiles during our hour long virtual program, hear their stories of rescue and recovery, and learn some amazing facts along the way! 

Snakes -n- Scales presents environmental education programs for people of all ages, with an emphasis on learning through enjoyment. It is our philosophy and our practice that people remember best what they enjoy.



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