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“Have used VBC twice already, and I am so impressed. My daughter loves the interaction, and always has so much fun! She’s been asking to do a call everyday!”

-Alyssa P. (Mom of a 3-year-old)
“We just finished our first week with this amazing group of talented, patient & kind babysitters! Our daughter finished every session with a huge smile and full of creative energy. On top of the program being great for our daughter, it really allowed for us to focus on work while she was on her session. We couldn’t sign up fast enough for week 2! Thank you to the VBC team.”

-Familia Zuniga Huff (Family with a 5-year-old daughter)
“We tried out Virtual Babysitters Club this morning and absolutely loved it! I highly recommend this for any social distancing kids in need of social interaction. The teachers are entertainers that are great with kids. Paige did a fantastic job of engaging the kids and getting them all involved.”

-Lin. S (Mom of a 4-year-old)
“My husband and I want to take a moment (while we can!) and thank you again. You quickly created a schedule to keep our son busy when we were swamped. You made what was an incredibly stressful and overwhelming week for us professionally so much less so by keeping our son busy. Not only was he busy, but he was also truly entertained and fully engaged, which is no easy task. He always had a smile on his face. The pure joy he shared from beat the board to new dance moves or creating music was so priceless. Again, no easy task for a kid  who is very advanced and requires nearly constant mental stimulation. 
From stressed working parents attempting to navigate the “new normal,” thank you, thank you, thank you! We sincerely appreciate all you do and hope you will continue to offer these sessions throughout the year. He’s already asking (begging) me to schedule more.”

-Livia C. (Mom of an 8-year-old)
“Dusty and Dott have been a beacon of joy in my son’s life. With the pandemic going on, the social distancing and isolation have made it hard to be 6 years old. I signed Elliot up for Storytime with Dusty and Dott, I have not seen him smile and laugh like that in ages. It literally brought tears to our eyes watching him light up. I’ve since signed him up for Smarty Pants Trivia and as many Storytime sessions as we can squeeze in our schedule. Dusty and Dott really engage the kids, and I mean REALLY engage them. They ask questions, learn their names, remember things they like and really personalize every session. And they’re super funny to boot, my wife and both find ourselves laughing at the conversations. Elliot always asks when he gets to see them next. It’s simply endearing. I cannot thank you enough for your talent and humor and compassion. You are both amazing!  We look forward to seeing you soon!!”

-Sam, Sarah & Elliot (Participants in VBC’s Puppet Playground)
“Our experience with VBC was top-notch…the performers were extremely professional, fun, and BOY do they know kids. They were able to get our high-energy son to focus, be productive, and redirect him when needed. He looked forward to spending time with all of them, and they really went out of their way to get to know him. We will definitely use them in the future and would recommend them to anyone!” 

-Priscilla N. (Mom of a 7-year-old)
“We just wanted to say how AMAZING Stephanie was. Not only was she able to hold several 4 – 5 year olds attention for an hour, they all had a blast. As soon as the session was over the kids wanted to know when we would do another. I also got a bunch of messages from parents saying how great it was. We’ll be scheduling another one soon!”

-Katy M. (Mom of a 5-year-old)
“Every morning our son wakes up asking if he has Mr. Cody today, and every night he asks if he’ll see Mr. Cody tomorrow. Virtual play dates are engaging, fun, and an educational opportunity for him to see his friends while school is closed. They are a “must-do” to get us through the long days of quarantine, giving mom and dad a break as well!”

-Leah R. (Mom of a 4-year-old boy)
“One virtual party and my kid was hooked! It’s a fun and engaging time for our son and an hour that frees up mom and dad to work. We all look forward to ‘class’ with Mr. Cody everyday! We have a feeling we’ll be signing up for virtual parties well after this quarantine is over.”

– Pamela M. (mom of a 3-year-old boy)
“Thank goodness for you guys – an hour of peace!  And Penny loves it 🙂 ”

-Lauren G. (Mom of a 3-year-old girl)

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