Employer Partnership Subscription Program

Virtual Babysitters Club LLC (“VBC”) is now offering organization subscription plans to utilize our service to help their employees, which at the same time supports VBC’s talented network of out-of-work performers during this challenging time.

Benefits – Virtual Babysitters Club’s employer partnership subscription program provides your organization with the following benefits:

  • Virtual Babysitters Club will reserve and allocate the availability of VBC’s Performers for your employees during each subscription period (e.g., each week) based on the number of sessions purchased in the Subscription Plan by the employer.

  • VBC will provide your organization a dedicated calendar of session availability with Performers from
    which your employees can choose to book sessions.

  • Each employee can receive an employee-specific Code to be used for the number of sessions the employer allocates to each employee participating in the program.
  • VBC will provide your organization pricing at our discounted package rates on all sessions booked during the subscription period, which can be automatically renewed, canceled or adjusted for different quantities of sessions
  • During the subscription period, Virtual Babysitters Club will offer each employee a separate, unique Coupon they can use to book discounted self-pay sessions if they want additional sessions beyond what their employer is covering.
  • Some Employer’s benefits providers may cover VBC’s services under employee wellness benefits.

To receive Subscription Program pricing and a simple step-by-step process for enrolling, scheduling and booking, including a link to a form for surveying your employees’ interest in VBC’s virtual “babysitting” sessions, please complete the following:

“Great session! lots of fun! My daughter loved it!”
-Corporate Partner

“If I could I would give the game show more than 5 stars. Simply fantastic! I heard from my daughter & husband that my daughter loved it. The host made it such a great experience for her by asking questions that was fun but intriguing and very educational.”
-Corporate Partner

“excellent class and very much enjoyed”
-Corporate Partner

“Casey was amazing! My son enjoyed the game show very much and he includes EVERYONE. My son is a bit shy but he was able to get him to open up and participate more. My son also learned a lot of education pieces like occupations.”
-Corporate Partner

“I’m excited for this and hope our parents take advantage! Hope this generates a lot of interest for the VBC”
-Corporate Partner

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